Finally got my body back: Fitness trainer Asanda Foji

Finally got my body back: Fitness trainer Asanda Foji. The former actress and now full-time fitness trainer Asanda Foji is happy to have got her groove back. She wrote on her Instagram:

Finally got my body back ya’ll… This has been a very confusing year for my body and soul, I had to start over, moving to another continent, culture shock, not able to speak the language, not sure I’d fit in and so I took comfort in food.

Asanda FojiI realized it ain’t helping at all and restarted working out too regain the confidence I was starting to lose by being soo far away from home and it worked. It’s not easy but it’s definitely doable, it takes one day at a time… IF I COULD DO IT SO CAN YOU!!!

Asanda Foji

English-Speaking Voice Over Work/Artist Amsterdam🎧 And so the journey begins💥

Asanda Foji

“Emotions of a motherless child” @asandafojis … A Mother gives you life and is the reason you have birthdays yearly, imagine if she’s suddenly no longer there to wish you a happy birthday, “the very first birthday she’s not there to spend with you… “A very sad reality”💔 Take care of your Mothers…

Asanda Foji

  • Ambition is Priceless, Your Prayers are Viable, hang in there💥

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