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Babes Wodumo blames promoter over UK tour troubles

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The ‘Wololo’ singer took to Instagram to explain why she didn’t pitch for a gig in Leicester, UK, and initially said she missed the event due to her dealing with a few hiccups with the promotor and mourning the passing of her grandmother. Babes Wodumo blames promoter over UK tour troubles. Gqom artist Babes Wodumo was set to perform in Leicester, UK, but claims she was unable to due to “a few hiccups”.

In the apology posted on Sunday, she said: “Our sincere apology to my UK fans for not pitching last night. The promoter and I had a few hiccups, and I also wasn’t at all in a good space since I received sad news that my grandmother has passed on. I also apologise on behalf of Mkhukhwini BUT what I wanna guarantee my Dublin fans is that I’m performing tonight I’m ready to rock this place”.

Babes Wodumo

However, in a follow-up post on Monday, the gqom queen revealed that the promotor, Mkhukhwini, was messing her around for Dublin performance.

In the post, Babes revealed that she was only picked up at her B&B at 2 am even though the show started at 9 pm. Babes explained that she only discovered this when she arrived at the venue because Mkhukhwini didn’t communicate any of the information to her or her team.

She finished up her statement by warning other artists against Mkhukhwini and while she heard bad stories about him before, she couldn’t believe they were true.


Here is what she had to say about Mkhukhwini: Hi everyone its tym i speak out about the event organiser/promoter’s treatment…
On the 27th as much as i was heart broken and emotionally drained but i would have performed but i was notified that the venue wasnt paid for so i stayed at the hotel cause i dont want any trouble…now about last night…..I was very excited about last nights gig i sat at the BnB until i was fetched at 2am while he(Mkhukhwini)left me and my team to go and quickly fetch the other artist but surprisingly i arrived 1st at the venue he was no where to be found and what makes it worse the fans were furious cause apparently the show started at 9pm but i arrived before 3am little did they know i was waiting at the BnB like they were as well and i was also not happy cause there was no communication between me and him but because i love my fans with all my heart i performed…..

My statement right now is to warn all artists about uMkhukhwini as much as i have heard stories about him but most stories i thought they cant be true unfortunately i learnt the hard way that those stories are 100% true DONT EVER TAKE A GIG THAT COMES FROM MKHUKHWINI/KASILUV PRODUCTION YOU WILL REGRET IT…..its time we put a stop to these promoters who use artists for their own benefits i feel used i wont lie and my concerns are directed to international fans cause this is also unfair to them as well…..Just wanna tell you guys how much i love you and yes ill make sure this doesn’t happen ever again❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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