Prince Harry ‘is hoping for a baby girl’

Meghan Markle might be taking it easy and cutting back on public appearances because of her pregnancy, but Prince Harry is full steam ahead on the royal tour, running around and telling fans about the royal baby. Specifically, that he hopes his first child will be a girl.

During an event in Australia this morning, a fan yelled out to Harry, “I hope it’s a girl!” Harry couldn’t hear her and responded, “What?” The fan then repeated, “I hope it’s a girl,” and Harry quickly said “So do I!” as he walked away.

Prince Harry
Ahhh!! This is the first time that we’ve heard anything about the gender of Meghan and Harry’s future child, besides Harry joking that “Harriet” would be a great name—and please allow me to point out that yes, Harriet is traditionally a girl’s name.

It’s possible that Harry is hinting at his child’s gender, but it could also be that he and Meghan are waiting to find out the gender themselves. Either way, it sure does seem like Harry is keeping his fingers crossed for a baby girl!

Source: Cosmopolitan


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