Monday, June 27, 2022

Cancer surgical robot arrives in Mzansi

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Cancer surgical robot arrives in Mzansi. Da Vinci X is the latest models of the Da Vinci surgical robotic systems to help with surgery for patients with prostate and kidney cancer.

A new technology, which minimises pain during and after surgery, has arrived in Mzansi. The high-tech robot not only aids surgeons in minimising the invasiveness of prostate cancer surgery but it also drives quicker recoveries.

Life Healthcare hospital has installed the robot at their Life Kingsbury Hospital – the first introduced to Africa. Dr Conray Moolman, urologist and Da Vinci training surgeon at Life Kingsbury Hospital, said the technology is one of the world’s most advanced surgical systems.

It has helped more than five million patients worldwide. The technology transmits the surgeon’s hand movements to the robot’s tiny instruments which allow for smaller and more precise movements.

Cancer surgical robot

Moolman said the system minimises post-operative pain, hospital stays and recovery time. One of the system’s instruments is a laparoscope.

This is a thin tube with a tiny camera and light at the end. The camera sends images to a video monitor in the operating room to the doctor who can see how his hands are steering the robot surgeon.

What makes this version different from older models is that the surgeon is able to change the camera lens angle from 30° up to 30° down at the press of a button.

It also has improved high-definition imaging systems. In older models, cameras had to be manually changed each time a new view was needed.

He said the surgeon can now see and avoid the tiny nerves next to the prostate with greater care and precision. The technology also includes an integrated GPS system to assist the surgeon in controlling instruments, not in their view.

Source: Daily Sun

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