Cholera outbreak affects nearly 10 000 people

Cholera outbreak affects nearly 10 000 people. Maiduguri, Nigeria ~ At least 175 people have died from an ongoing cholera outbreak north-east of Nigeria.

Some 73 deaths have been recorded in 5 845 cases in the Borno State, while another 61 occurred in Yobe State, from 1 762 registered cases. No less than 2 737 cases have been confirmed in Adamawa State, where 41 people have died.


Some 10 000 people have been affected by the outbreak, which is coincidentally spreading in a region that is suffering the terrorism by the Islamist Boko Haram group.

The Norwegian Refugee Council expressed concern that the waterborne disease was spreading quickly in congested refugee camps with limited access to proper sanitation facilities.

The congestion in the camps makes it difficult to provide adequate water, sanitation and hygiene services. More than 1,8 million people are displaced in Nigeria, as a result of ongoing conflicts.

Source: Daily Sun


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