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Moonchild Sanelly to open S-e-x club in Johannesburg

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Musician Moonchild Sanelly is allegedly in the process of opening a s-e-x club in Johannesburg at the end of November 2018.

According to Isolezwe, the Nayi Le Walks hitmaker wants people to be proud of having s-e-x.

“I want people to be proud of s-e-x and to stop being so ashamed of it,” she told the publication.

“There will be a room where people can go have s-e-x but those who want to have s-e-x while everyone is watching will also be allowed,” she explained.

Although she’s been criticised for her new business venture, the 29-year-old says she’s adamant the difference between her club and a brothel will be visible at the opening of the club where no media, no phones or cameras will be allowed.

“Only people who will have membership to the club will be allowed entry, there will be no walk-ins”

“Cellphones and cameras will also not be allowed because we don’t want people taking pictures and videos to social media.”

The publication also reported that Moonchild would be treating guests to a naked performance as well.

Moonchild Sanelly

The singer who went on tour to Europe with Afrikaans duo Die Antwoord earlier this year, has always been vocal about her fight for s-e-xual liberation in women.

“My mission is s-e-xual liberation. We get violated anytime. The least you can do is when you open your legs, open your f**king mouth. Also, be liberated in the boardroom and the bedroom,” she saidin an interview with Noiseyin May.

She also revealed that she had a five-year-plan to open a sex club that would be a safe space for women to enjoy their s-e-xuality.

“I have a five-year plan to open a s-e-x club. People are already into the idea of being n@ked. But with the current situation, you go to these clubs and you still get spanked on and wanked on. I watch live s-e-x. I’ve gotten rejected deals because I’m being provocative. There’s been so many festivals that have dropped me. But f*ck that shit. I will make it happen,” she continued.

In a bid to support women in s-e-x work, exotic dancing and video vixens, Moonchild performed at a Johannesburg str!p club where she was joined by strippers on stage in March.

Speaking to DRUM, the singer’s management refused to comment on the matter and said she would be making a special announcement on Wednesday.

Moonchild is said to be in the final stages of completing documentation for her new club.

Source: The Citizen

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