Desmond Dube: Mam’ Lillian Dube is technically my mother

Desmond Dube: Mam’ Lillian Dube is technically my mother. However, Lillian Dube and Desmond Dube have known each other for the longest of time, so much so that Mam’ Lillian even delivered a speech alongside Desmond’s real mom at his wedding sixteen years ago.

So many of you thought Lillian Dube and Desmond were actually mother and son. Well, we also thought so until last year when it was confirmed that them having the same surname and working together on Clientele was pure coincidence.

The actor/producer shared this story during an interview with Bridget Masinga on Kaya FM.

Lillian Dube and Desmond

“It was very interesting when I got married sixteen years ago, the MC called my mother to come up on stage and she stood up and then looked at Mam’ Lillian, grabbed her hand and both of them came to do the motherly speech together. But yes, she’s family now I can’t shake her off,” he said.

Desmond continued to share that he and Mam’ Lillian often get stopped when in public and get asked whether they’re mother and son. They tend to play tricks on people when they’re asked this question, which gets strangers even more confused about their relationship.

Lillian Dube and Desmond

“We’d be at the airport for example and then we’d have a group of people who work at the airport coming to us to say ‘tell us the truth, is this your son?’ And she would say ‘Errm, no I’m still waiting for paternity tests. And people would be perplexed by her response and insist that I am her son, and technically she is (my mother) because she’s been in my life even before I started in this industry. She kind of introduced me to the industry.”

Dube explained that he first got to know Mam’ Lillian Dube when she owned a talent agency that managed a number of artists in the township.

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