Executives, board members may face long arm of the law: #EskomInquiry

Senior Eskom officials, former executives and board members may face criminal prosecution after Parliament approved recommendations that they be prosecuted for corruption.
Without naming the officials and former non-executive directors of the board, chairperson of the inquiry into Eskom in Parliament Zukiswa Rantho said on Saturday that those implicated have been given 14 days to respond to the serious allegations against them.
However, Parliament wants to adopt the report by the end of next month or early December.

This would give the Hawks and police time to act on the recommendations against those implicated in corruption.

Senior Eskom officials

Rantho confirmed it would hand over the report to the National Prosecuting Authority, the Hawks and the police. In addition, it will be given to the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into state capture
We made recommendations for criminal prosecution in the report and the processes need to follow after that.

“We will send the report to all implicated, and they have to respond within 14 days. But we intend to table the report in Parliament before it rises,” said Rantho.

But soon after Parliament has adopted the report with its recommendations on the criminal prosecution, the Eskom inquiry wants the Hawks to start acting against those who are implicated. Eskom lost billions of rands in alleged irregularities.

Early this year, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed a new board at Eskom, and said he wants it to clean up the mess.

Rantho said they did not have much time and they will also hand the report to the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

The Zondo Commission announced early this year that it would work with Parliament on the report.

Rantho said the inquiry wanted all the law enforcement agencies to have copies of the report so that they will begin to act immediately.

Source: Political Bureau


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