Yoga sessions with Fitness Bunny Iris Kaingu

We all need exercise its good for the body mind and soul. No one understands this better than the s.e.x.y Iris Kaingu. She did the liberty of sharing with us her yoga sessions and oh my Iris is a woman of many gifts. In case you didn’t know who Iris is, well here are some few information about the Zambiam fitness Bunny.

Iris Kaingu is a Zambian reality personality social media influencer. In recent years, Iris has grown an influential online and social media presence, including thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. She’s passionate about the well-being of others and the progression of her country. She recently won a reality TV show series and was crowned the 2018 Zambian Tourism Ambassador. Iris is was a business and lodge owner and runs her own radio station in Choma Zambia.

She caused controvesry in Zambia after posing n@ked in a mgazine. Iris Kaingu’s latest stunt to publicly bare her whole body save for the covering of paint does not come as a surprise. This act just like her previous tradition defying escapades reflects the extent to which society has degenerated. While I cannot say that she is the most immoral person alive, I will fail in my Christian duty if I turned my eyes elsewhere pretending that all was well or by saying that it is none of my business. When she called for a press briefing on Sunday, 10th September, I was convinced that she was going to repent of her immoral actions. To the surprise of many, she was justifying her actions and essentially, ended up lecturing journalists on why they should report positively about her.

But check out these stunning yoga workouts that she posted on her Instagram account dubbed: Iris Kaingu’s Yoga Sessions…

Iris kaingu

Halasana: plough pose Stretches out the whole spinal cord and shoulders.

Iris kaingu

KOPALA are you ready!!!!!!!!!!! Tryna get Sexy for Y’all

Iris kaingu

Shoulder Stand: Sarvangasana Message from a fan: Go girl. Yo my motivation to stay healthy n exercise. You look great @iriiskaingu love you

Iris kaingu

Low Lunge: Opens up your hips, stretches out your back and strengthens your abdomen..

Iris kaingu

Cobra: Bhujangasana: Stretches out your thorax, abdomen, shoulders and neck.


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