Generations: The Legacy actress Luyanda Mzazi has a lot more to offer

Generations: The Legacy actress Luyanda Mzazi has a lot more to offer. The 22-year-old actress best known for her role as Lesedi on Generations-The Legacy is amongst some of the young and new artists pushing entertainment barriers to make a bigger name for herself in the industry.

Being a newbie in any industry is not easy but how one manages to handle themselves from just a mere newbie to a bold entertainer is the real deal and we have to give it to Luyanda Mzazi for quickly learning the strides of being a Mzansi entertainer and the fame that comes with it.

Luyanda Mzazi

Having studied dramatic arts at the National School of the Arts and also studying HR at UNISA, Luyanda is one artist to watch as she will take Mzansi by storm with many other TV roles to follow.

But just like many kids whose talent got overshadowed by having a famous parent in the same industry, Luyanda is one different young lady who believes in building her own brand without capitalising on the fame of a parent hence she has kept her ‘famous’ dad’s identity a secret to the world.

Luyanda Mzazi

The Johannesburg born actress says she always loved acting from a very tender age but her father advised her to sustain her love for acting with a strong educational background in case it flops which she did but from how we have seen on TV, Luyanda’s acting career means business.

Many stars began young and eventually made huge names for themselves, Yaya, as she is affectionately known, is already making her own mark with her involvement in several other projects besides acting.

Luyanda Mzazi

She is glam hair ambassador and also JAMbassador which saw her joining forces with KFC Add hope and JAM SA for their Mandela Day initiative to help pack food parcel for needy children in the country.

As fairly new as she may be, the actress’ social media speaks a different story as she has managed to gain a solid fan base with over 300k followers on her social media.

Luyanda Mzazi

Yaya is the definition of young talent that got it all with no scandals to her name, she sure is an inspiration to many who relate to her as just a normal school going Lesedi Diale from Generations.


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