I wish my father could have met my daughter: Jessica Nkosi

I wish my father could have met my daughter: Jessica Nkosi. The Isibaya actress shared a series of Instagram stories about how much she misses her late father and also added that she wishes he had met her daughter.

It’s been over a month since Jessica Nkosi gave birth to her first child, Namisa Dlamini. Although she’s loving this journey of motherhood, she wishes father was here to also witness it.

Jessica Nkosi

It’s no surprise that Jessica wishes that her father, who passed away when she was in grade 11, was still around to be a part her daughter’s life. The actress had a very strong and close relationship with her father.


In an interview on Zaziwa, she explained: “Growing up with my dad was perfect, I mean he taught me everything. I know how to iron because of my dad, I know how to cook certain things because of my dad.” She said she got to spend a lot of time with her dad. “When he was sick I got to be at the forefront and help him, and take care of him. She added that he wasn’t alone when he was sick,” she told Pearl Modiadie.

Jessica Nkosi and dad

She continued: “So, that time, I don’t feel like I was cheated from being with my father. I felt like you know, we spent a lot of time [together]. Jessica also mentioned that they had a beautiful relationship that no one understood. “And maybe we were so close because he’d leave so early in my life, so it worked out,” she added.

Last month, Jessica took to social media to announce her baby’s arrival. In the post, which received over 160 000 likes, she wrote, in part: I’m so blessed, I’m so in love. It’s been a month of pure bliss. This little star has stolen my heart.”

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