Is Skeem Saam’s Clement Maosa shooting another movie?

Is Skeem Saam’s Clement Maosa shooting another movie? Clement’s taste in fashion is just amazing. He knows how to keep us on our tours as he always makes sure he is on point whenever he posts pictures on his Instagram account.

Actor Clement Maosa recently turned 30 and to celebrate the feat, he held a little get together with his friends and family in Hartebeespoort. The night would be remembered for much more than just his birthday celebration, however, as he surprised everyone when he decided to propose to his girlfriend.

From that day onwards the couple has been posting pictures of each other and it seems love is in the air for these two. Every day holds the possibility of a miracle. Sometimes you think it’s all gloomy kante nooo man, you gotta plough first, greener pastures are seasonal. Sengwe Le sengwe se na Le nako ya Sona!

Clement Maosa posted a series of pictures that seems as if he is shooting another production of a movie or series. We are not sure yet what it is, or maybe it was just a photo shoot. Just check the pictures below and tell us what you think. The pictures were taken from his Instagram account

Clement Maosa

The new pictures that had people talking…

The King…Tradition on a flick…

Queening with the King


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