Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Kelly Khumalo’s new album shows maturity and well-being

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Kelly Khumalo’s new album shows maturity and well-being. Songbird Kelly Khumalo is hitting the high notes with her new studio album, Unleashed. With renewed vigour, she says her new offering will show fans a side of her they have never seen before.

Kelly has always been sassy and sensual, but on her eighth album, her vocal prowess comes alive. She is doing what she loves and feels no pressure to impress anybody.

The songstress says she is unleashing the glory of God, her abundant blessings, peace and love. “I know my worth. I know what I’m destined for, and I’m not going to be apologetic about it.

Kelly Khumalo

“As human beings, we often doubt ourselves, we doubt our abilities based on what we go through and the negative that’s been said to us. “I’m in a place where negativity can’t touch me. Hurtful words can’t touch me because I have fully met myself, and I’m comfortable with the woman I’ve become.”

Reflecting on the symbolism of the 12-track album that took nine months to produce, she says: “It’s a full pregnancy and I’ve gone through all the phases.

Kelly Khumalo

“I’ve gone through morning sickness, depression and all the emotions that one can possibly think of to finally give birth to this.”She adds that she was in a good space during the creation of the album and deliberately exuded that sense of well-being in it.

“For me, everything is deliberate. You choose to be happy. You choose to be positive. Chances are there will be situations where you have to be happy.

Kelly Khumalo

“There will be things in your life that won’t be positive, but you choose how you react and how you act moving forward. Positivity is a deliberate thing.” Kelly says she has learnt from her mistakes. “I believe mistakes happen for us to discover more of who we are as individuals. So if you don’t learn, then it means you’re dying.”


The hitmaker is looking forward to the album launch in Durban, and a nationwide tour is on the cards. “Live performances for me are when I get to share my energy,” she adds.

Source: IOL News

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