Londie London about to drop some exciting news

Londie London is about to drop some exciting news. The singer and young businesswoman also shared the snippet of her video and she left most of her followers wanting to watch the rest of it. In an interview with Top Billing, Londie also revealed that she will release her music album next month. “I am going to release an album in November before the year ends,” she said.

She is ambitious and her hard work is paying up now. Londie London is not stopping and the way she is advancing towards her dreams is actually motivating. From being a socialite to a musician now she is launching her clothesline, girl the speed you are moving with is terrifying.

Amongst several things Londie London does, she also told Top Billing that she can also make cocktails. The talented young lady also opened about how much she is motivated by her mother adding that it was not easy for her to enter the entertainment business because of how male-dominated it is. She has just posted some new pictures on her Instagram page and we are feeling them, truly it is good to be in summer here in Mzansi

The star keeps on making waves on the social media, everything she touches is turning to gold. First, her music career is blossoming well, then she is running an online shop and now she is showing off her traditional side.  Londie has defied all odds and is heading for greatness. We first got to know about this beautiful woman as an Instagram babe. She still posts pictures on her social media platforms and here are her latest pictures as we wait for her to give us the good and exciting news that she says she has…

Londie London

Red hot mama…

Londie London

Fire…Red car, red top…Bubbling full of confidence

Londie London

Dropping some exciting news at 12 pm or maybe ngo1…stay tuned

Londie London

The wait is OVER!!! The FLY STORE is Officially opening!!😩😩
Next week Saturday. Come through for a new shopping experience. Izani ngobuningi benu!!!🙏🏾


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