Julius Malema, Steenhuisen refuse to withdraw insults made in Parliament

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema and Democratic Alliance (DA) chief whip John Steenhuisen were ordered out of the National Assembly on Wednesday after both refused to withdraw insults they hurled at each other on Tuesday.

House chairwoman Thoko Didiza told Steenhuisen to retract the words “VBS bank looters” which he directed at Malema and his deputy, Floyd Shivambu, in reference to allegations that they shared in the spoils of the scam that robbed the bank of nearly R2 billion.

Steenhuisen said he would not because her ruling was inconsistent with previous rulings by other presiding officers.

Julius Malema

Didiza told him to leave the chamber, then proceeded to rule that Malema had broken the rules with a racist slur by calling Steenhuisen a “white boy“. She also ruled out of order his further remark that Steenhuisen accused of r@pe.

Malema responded by reiterating his first remark and was told to leave

Source: MSN


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