My dreams are who I’m racing with – Thuli Phongolo

My dreams are who I’m racing with – Thuli Phongolo. If it’s in you there is no way you can ever deny it. Thuli is showing that she was born talented and she is embracing her talent very well. The progress she has been making recently truly reflects that. You would think that one would hit a few hi-cups after leaving a huge show like Generations: The Legacy, but Thuli has proved us otherwise.

Charismatic, s.ex.y and fearless are the three things that registered the first time I met actress Thulisile Phongolo two-and-a-half years ago. It was at the Bon Hotel Riviera on Vaal in Vereeniging, south of Johannesburg, overlooking the striking Vaal River scenery.

The star who has been enjoying her newfound career as a Club DJ is back and she is causing chaos on social media. Her latest post on her Instagram has had her fans go haywire.

Popularly known as Thuli Phongolo or Namhla Diale (her former role she used to play on Generations: The Legacy), she is always looking beautiful on all her social media posts. She is embracing the summer season just like most of us and we loving it.

She is showing off those sexxy curves we all want to see. This is one of the many reasons l always say l really enjoy spending my Summer season in Mzansi. The way our celebs are socially friendly and how they interact with their fans is just magnificent. She has defied all odds and she is doing pretty well for herself even her pictures on Instagram agree with her, check here latest posts…

Thuli Pongolo

…my dreams is who I’m racing with… you can see I’m pacin’ it so that I’m always chasin’ it 🚀

Thuli Pongolo

Welcome to another episode of me minding my own business and winning.

Thuli Pongolo

Necessary. 🔥

Thuli Pongolo

Take me as I am… 🖤

Thuli Pongolo

Welcome to HAIRven… ❤️ Hair: @thesanhair Outfit: @vadaonline
Makeup: @preciousxabamakeup Picture: @stillsbytom


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