Nonhle and Andile Jali: The end of a fairytale?

Nonhle and Andile Jali’s relationship is not only on the rocks but it seems like it might be over for good
The couple were involved in an altercation a few days ago that ended with Andile spending the night in prison for assault and malicious damage to property.

Just last week Nonhle was gushing about what a great man the soccer star is, but it seems that their relationship has been crumbling for months.

Here’s a look at the couple’s fairytale romance and how it came to a sad end…

Nonhle jali

We first had an inside look at Nonhle and Andile’s relationship during her stint on reality show, Diski Divas. The couple were dating at the time and Nonhle often praised her prince charming for giving her the best in life, including buying her designer clothes. But the fitness guru’s “bragging” rubbed the other women the wrong way.

Nonhle jali

Wendy Parker, the wife of soccer star Bernard Parker, had a heated argument with a very pregnant Nonhle. Wendy called Nonhle “Judge Judy” for allegedly looking down on the other women on the show. Mrs Parker tried to take a swipe at Nonhle by reminding her that she is not even married to Andile, but Nonle tried to remain calm.

“I don’t look at people’s opinions and make it my reality. I won’t be forced into marriage because someone else thinks that at a certain time I should be married. I will marry Andile when we decide to get married,” she said.

Nonhle jali

Princess AJ and the twins
The couple welcomed their first child together in 2015, a baby girl they nicknamed Princess AJ. Their birth of their daughter seemed to bring the couple closer, with both sharing sweet pictures of their little family.

Andile spoiled his little girl with designer clothes and spa days with her mommy. Two years after their baby girl was born, the couple welcomed twins.



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