Not everyone thinks the way you think: Ntando Mthethwa

Not everyone thinks the way you think: Ntando Mthethwa. The former Miss SA is now private about her life ever since she became Mrs Mtetwa. She has been keeping a low profile and it wasn’t a surprise when she also celebrated her 26th birthday privately.

She didn’t pull those luxurious type of birthday celebrations, she just had a small but nice and exquisite celebration. Her husband Khaya Mtetwa spoiled her and she loved it.

Everything happened quickly and we made a decision to get married. I’m a pastor’s wife now and the congregations welcomed me with open arms.” Thank you so so much to every person that wished me a #HappyBirthday I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t plan on getting married last year, that was not part of like the plan of my life. I think it was just something that I felt in my heart. I think I had been preparing for marriage for quite a bit. But when we met, with Ntando, I just knew this is it for me,” Khaya said…

Ntando Mthethwa

“Not everyone thinks the way you think, knows the things you know, believes the things you believe, nor acts the way you would act. Remember this and you will go a long way in getting along with people” ~ Unknown

Ntando Mthethwa

“Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself”~Unknown 💫

Ntando Mthethwa

On my way… ✈️

Ntando Mthethwa

You are so beautiful…

Ntando Mthethwa

Sweet Saturday Morning…


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