This is the mood of my heart right now in a picture: Hulisani Ravele

Media personality Hulisani Ravele has been in the industry for most of her life, getting into television at a tender age of 9-years-old, she has managed to maintain her relevance in everything she does and after what she calls ‘a year of loss’ she is ready to take on 2018. Hulisani revealed that although she had lost many things in 2017 she is excited about what 2018 has to offer as she now has deliberately opened up herself to new beginnings.

Hulisani Ravele

We were first introduced to Hulisani as Cece on YoTV when she was just a cute teenage girl who was a role model for most young girls, fast forward to 2014, Hulisani is still a role model, but with way more than what she had back on YOTV. She is now a young career woman taking the corporate world by storm. We sat down with her to find out what she has been up to since she left our small screens.

Hulisani Ravele

Hulisani is so happy about the coming month of September as she is set to host the #TGEspring18.Hulisani Ravele

She expressed her happiness towards the event as she shared a message on her Instagram account, she wrote: This September, all roads lead to Venda! 🍾

Hulisani Ravele
Join me, the official host for the 2018 @tgexperience, for a 3-day experience where you will enjoy and see the Greater North like you’ve seen it before!


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