Believe Patterns, not Apologies! Pokello Nare

Believe Patterns, not Apologies! Pokello Nare. Pokello is one of the leading businesswomen in the country who are making fashion go beyond and is actually doing well. She recently opened a manicure company and it is doing very well.

Whenever she poses for the camera it is definite that she will chaos on social media. The mother of two is one of the finest women ever to grace the Big Brother house in recent years. She caused headlines recently after falling out with ex-husband Elikem. The former couple is in court over dissolving their marriage which lasted 3 years.

It is understood that Elikem Kumordzie has officially filed for divorce at the High Court saying he has lost love, affection and declared that his marriage to the “Queen of Swag” was irreparable.  The Ghanaian fashion designer, Kumordzie who is being represented by Rugano Mahuni of Mahuni Gidiri Law Chambers, wants a divorce decree order that custody of their minor child be awarded to Pokello with him exercising reasonable access on agreed holidays paying $500 as maintenance.

Pokello and Kumordzie have been on separation for the past year residing in different countries. “Plaintiff and defendant were married to each other under the Marriages Act at Harare on September 28, 2015, and the marriage still subsists. “They have not stayed together as husband and wife for the past year since September 2017,” reads Kumordzie’s declaration.“…such is regarded by Kumordzie to be incompatible with the continuation of a normal marriage relationship.

“As a result, Kumordzie has lost love and affection to the extent that there are no prospects for reconciliation due to irretrievable differences between the parties.” He said it was favourable that their two-year-old son continues residing with Pokello. “There is one child born of the marriage and it is in the best interest of the minor child that custody be awarded to Pokello with Kumordzie allowed access whenever he visits Zimbabwe.”

According to the court papers, Kumordzie and Pokello did not acquire any movable property together. Early this year, Kumordzie was quoted saying his marriage to Pokello was a mistake. Pokello is not being bothered by the issue instead the star is focussing on cementing her brand as we all know Pokello is a brand on herself. Check the stunning pictures she posted on her Instagram account recently…

Pokello Nare

Believe Patterns, not Apologies!

Pokello Nare

If you hear someone talking bad about me, look them square in the eyes and say, ‘You should tell her’.

Pokello Nare

You don’t always Attract what you are, you attract people who are in desperate need of what you are!

Pokello Nare

The Ability to remain ‘Teachable’ is one of the greatest qualities one can possess. It leads to a lot of positive transformation.

Pokello Nare

It’s Summertime, Bring out those Sandals and pop that Pink in our #BarelyThereCollection #pokellopinkbottoms in #Paloma

Pokello Nare

I really wonder if People believe everything they read? Because looking at me and believing some of that trash cannot possibly make sense😂 #AWholePokello



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