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Reports say HHP had asked his insurance if it covers suicide before his death

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Reports say HHP had asked his insurance if it covers suicide before his death. South African rapper Jabulani ‘HHP’ Tsambo contacted his financial advisor to ask whether his policies would pay out should he commit suicide. The rapper said he had sought help but ‘it was just costing a lot of money’.

In an interview with media personality Gareth Cliff on online radio CliffCentral in 2016, the rapper revealed that in 2015 he tried to commit suicide three times. “Let me tell you why, because radio started to play trap music a lot, and I’m like, I cannot do trap music… that is not what black excellence is about, that is not what I think Steve Biko died for,” he said.

Cliff then interjected by saying: “But you don’t want to kill yourself over that.”



“I did, because I was like, I’m not getting gigs now, like, I’m old school. I have to either get with the programme,” HHP responded. He revealed that he had sought counselling but “it was just costing a lot of money, R800 bucks every time I have to see this guy”.

“The reason also why I wanted to do it, I was getting less gigs now, I still had my policies all in check, like every month I’d get that big gig and I’d be set for like two months. While I still had my policies in check I phoned my financial guy ‘Do you cover suicide?’, he’s like ‘Yeah but you not going to be the one getting the money right’.

I was yeah it’s cool because he told me there was another client of his who committed suicide, sorted. Like, my son is still going to school till he’s 28, even if he fails or he gets on drugs because his dad is dead, he’d still go to school till he’s 28, he’d get his R5 million.”

The musician died at 38 years old on Tuesday. South Africans from fellow musicians and the fans paid tribute to the rap legend.

Source: The Citizen

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