Liteboho Molise Talks about her character Teboho on #Muvhango

Her character on Muvhango is probably one of the most loved villains on the show
Playing a character with such negative traits, you would think that Liteboho would hate playing the role of Teboho but on the contrary, she actually likes it.

Speaking to Move Magazine, Liteboho spoke about how she admires Teboho and her very brave spirit.

Liteboho Molise

“I admire Tebhoho because she is not afraid to go for what she wants. She isn’t ashamed and she does not wait for people to approve of her. Now, I really wish Liteboho had that, the go-getter spirit,” she told the publication.

Liteboho Molise

In previous interviews, she’s also shared how much of a life-changing experience playing Teboho has been to her career as an actress.

Liteboho Molise
Apart from focusing on her career as an actress, another primary focus of hers is raising her daughter with her husband

Source: IOL


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