Tom Moyane gives President Ramaphosa a deadline over Nugent recommendation

Tom Moyane gives President Ramaphosa a deadline over Nugent recommendation. Retired judge Robert Nugent, who heads the commission of inquiry into tax administration and governance at Sars, recommended in his interim report that Ramaphosa fire Moyane.

Suspended Sars commissioner Tom Moyane has written to President Cyril Ramaphosa, asking him to reject a recommendation that he be fired.

Tom Moyane

Ramaphosa then asked Moyane to officially provide reasons, by October 26, why he should not be fired. Moyane has given the president until November 9 to respond to his letter. The Presidency on Tuesday confirmed receiving Moyane’s letter.

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko said the president was studying the letter. She also confirmed that the president had received Moyane’s submission on October 26. In the letter, Moyane asks the president to reject Nugent’s recommendation.

Judge Robert Nugent

“The grounds for the proposed rejection of the said recommendations include the fact that they fall outside the terms of reference of the Sars Commission and are accordingly ultra vires and irrational; are also irrational in the sense of being illogical and self-contradictory; are unreasonable in the circumstances; are unfair in the constitutional sense; are tainted by bias; and constitute a thinly veiled attempt to campaign for the permanent appointment of Mr Mark Kingon, who is the acting commissioner, of Sars,” the letter states.

Source: Iol News


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