Twitter reacts to Gigi LaMayne’s suicide attempt

Twitter reacts to Gigi LaMayne’s suicide attempt at the weekend. While the nation was coming to terms with HHP’s death following his official civic funeral, friends, family, and fans of fellow rapper Gigi Lamayne were anxiously awaiting news about her well-being.

The rapper confirmed that she tried to take her life on Saturday and that she is in the hospital getting the help she needs. This comes after she tweeted and deleted tweets alluding to the fact that she may be planning to take her own life.

Gigi Tweets

Social media was immediately flooded with calls for those close to the rapper to check on her in an attempt to get to her before she was able to hurt herself. Various messages of support were also sent to her using the hashtag #PrayForGigi.

TV producer and friend to Gigi Lamayne, Rashid Kay, took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to confirm that she was in a hospital and that she was in a stable condition without really confirming how she ended up in hospital.

After spending the weekend in ICU, Lamayne confirmed this morning on Whatsapp that she had been moved to a medical ward to recover. Through a series of status updates, Lamayne confirmed the suicide attempt and added: “I am living with depression.

“One day I’ll tell you all about it. I’m thankful to you reading this. I’m thankful to you. Tried to end it. A meltdown of everything around me. I’m sorry I made you hurt and worried, I was just tired. I’ve been broken.”

She then took to Twitter to share an image of her hand with the message “Depression Don’t Win” [sic] and the caption: “Awake. It wasn’t time huh…”

Gigi LaMayne

The past year has been a tough one for Gigi both professionally and personally.

She changed record labels, lost a close friend in the form of ProKid, lost her boyfriend Sandile Mkhize (DJ Citi Lyts and ProKid’s baby brother), and she lost a mentor in HHP.

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