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Twitter in love with Portia’s Wedding dress #OurPerfectWedding: MEMEStia

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Portia didn’t know her life would change that day she boarded a taxi. She didn’t know that Charles, the taxi driver, would actually turn out to be the man of her dreams.

The couple met way back in 1997, and as a taxi driver, Charles meets a lot of passengers each day but it was Portia who made his heart skip a beat that day. He didn’t get a chance to speak to her that though.

Luckily for him, they met again and it was on this day that he was able to tell her how he felt about her. Imagine the relief when he heard that she also felt the same way about him! That is how their relationship started.


Like any other couple, Portia and Charles have had their fair share of challenges. It all started when she got pregnant two years into the relationship. Her family wasn’t too pleased about this because of religious beliefs and as a result, she had to move out.

Charles then did right by her and talked to his family about going to negotiate for lobola. It was only then that Portia’s family came around. Another challenge was the differences in cultural practices. They had to postpone the wedding at one time, just so that the families could sort out the differences first.

They’ve been waiting for a while for this day and tonight, they invite you to join them and their families, as they celebrate this special day.

Source: Twitter

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