Zola Nombona: The best way to live a happy life is simply your attitude

Zola Nombona: The best way to live a happy life is simply your attitude. Zola Nombona has positioned herself as one of South Africa’s most versatile actresses, although the beauty has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of years, the roles she picks have catapulted her into the A-List category.

Zola has proven her prowess when it comes to acting. She has done so many series and by now you should all know her. She has now become a household name. Here latest big break being in the cast of the hit Mzansi Magic crime drama series Lockdown.

In terms of her beauty, Zola was voted as one of the most sexxiest women in 2018 a survey conducted by Sowetan live. She isn’t afraid of showing her fabulous curves to her fans. The actress continues to shine and interact with her fans on all her social media platforms including Instagram.

She often posts pictures as she continues to gain a massive following of fans on her Instagram. The pictures she posts makes us wanna fall in love with her more. Check her latest pictures…

Zola Nombona

Crush nyana?! 😏 I look like I’ll eat anything that breathes #TransformationIsMySuperpower #SouthAfrcianThespian

Zola Nombona

Flash 🔙 to a time when I felt like thee most beautiful girl in the world.

Zola Nombona

Kisses from me to you…

Zola Nombona

Oh my darling 👑

Zola Nombona

Hello gorgeous baby ♥️


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